Kelsey Clubb

Alumni (MIDS 2015)


Data analysis, visualization, and communication in order to drive impact and decision-making



I'm currently an Associate Data Scientist with the Product Analytics team at Fitbit. I recently completed a Master's degree in Information and Data Science from the UC Berkeley School of Information as part of the first cohort and the first graduating class (January 2014 - August 2015).

I also gained valuable industry experience as a Data Science Intern with the Reliability Engineering team at Tesla Motors this summer (May 2015 - August 2015).

My background is in astrophysics and, although I have thoroughly enjoyed working in the field of astronomy, my professional interests have gradually transitioned toward a desire to have a more direct impact on people's daily lives (ideally making them healthier and happier). Rather than using data to potentially discover life on other planets, I'd like to start using data to improve life on this planet, and I'm excited about accomplishing this as a data scientist for a San Francisco Bay Area company.

My qualifications include:

  • 5+ years full-time experience as a quantitative research assistant in astrophysics
  • 7+ years'​ programming/scripting experience including Unix shell and Python
  • Very comfortable working in a Unix/Linux command line environment
  • Experience with inferential statistical techniques and statistical data analysis using R, Pandas/NumPy
  • Able to effectively communicate findings to technical and non-technical audiences alike

Two interviews I gave about my data science degree experience:

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November 19, 2017