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J.M. Porup

MICS Student


Cybersecurity Reporter




J.M. Porup is a national security && cybersecurity reporter and newsroom security consultant.

He has covered wrongdoing at the NSA, GCHQ, CSE, and elsewhere. His work has appeared in Ars Technica, CSO Online, The Christian Science Monitor, Slate, Motherboard, The Daily Dot, The Kernel, The Economist, CyberScoop, and the CBC.

Porup prototyped new security tools as part of the Berkman Klein Assembly 2017 security incubator at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, and is a mentor for the Assembly 2018 AI incubator.

Porup runs newsroom security workshops and training sessions, and speaks at conferences on journalist security in the current political context.

In a former life, he worked for many years as a F/LOSS programmer in Melbourne, Australia. As a reporter with a solid background in computer science, he brings a depth of technical understanding to his reporting that few journalists possess.

He reported from Latin America for many years. From his base in Cali, Colombia, he co-authored Lonely Planet guidebooks to Venezuela, the Dominican Republic & Haiti, South America on a Shoestring, and the Caribbean Islands. He was the Co-ordinating Author of Lonely Planet Colombia, 5th ed. He speaks Spanish fluently with a hilarious gringo-Colombian accent.

In his spare time, he co-founded LatAm Hub Toronto, a startup accelerator that brings Latin American startups to Canada and scales them globally. He serves as CTO and sits on the board of directors.

Porup is also a novelist, playwright, and satirist, and performs improv comedy (badly).

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August 25, 2019