Frances Leung

MIDS Student


Data visualization, data collection and engineering, applications of machine learning to enable more more intelligent and automated processes


Data Science
Product Management
Software Development


I am a management consultant specialized in product and experience design. I have helped some of the most well-known retail brands accelerate their digital transformation journeys, enhance customer experience and reimagine business processes. Throughout my management consulting career, I straddle across domains including digital product management, identity access management and cybersecurity that are highly dependent on data for continuous monitoring and continuous improvement in any type of organization. 

My passion lies in enabling product and business teams meet their objectives through data-driven and evidence-based decision-making. This involves leveraging data analytics and insights to bring together business areas that traditionally plan or strategize independently. 

As an engineer by training, I am an avid lifelong learner who has a genuine desire in keeping up with my tech fluency. As a part of the UC Berkeley's I School community, I aim to advance my knowledge in data science and discover new ideas and methodologies to reinvent and rethink how processes could be transformed to become more intelligent and automated. I also wanted to leverage this opportunity to elevate my data storytelling craft. 

When I am outside of the office, I enjoy getting my creative juices flowing by playing with my violin, creating digital doodles and graphics, getting my hands dirty with ink, watercolor and acrylic. With that, I am also interested in exploring the intersection of art, music and artificial intelligence.

Last updated:

February 28, 2021