Erico Cruz Lemus

Erico Cruz Lemus

Alumni (Attendee)


Expand my skills in the Data Science field to apply it to new developing products such as lasers, remote machinery control platform, machine vision, etc.


Data Science
Product Management
Project Management
Software Development


I am a driven entrepreneur with a knack for building engineering-based companies from the ground up. In the past 10 years or so, I have established 3 machinery manufacturing corporations offering domestic and international engineered solutions. Most recently, I sold my Wisconsin based company, Graphbury Machines, and transitioned into a research and design role with my acquiring company PCMC, a Barry-Wehmiller Company.

What I enjoy most about the process of launching companies is the ability to start something new, but I am also an engineer at heart. This aligns well with my passion for innovation, because I am able to not only establish a company, but also create tangible products and technologies that offer solutions to a problem. My engineering background combined with my entrepreneurial spirit has led to the creation of successful businesses that offer unique products using laser technology, artificial vision, robotics, chemical processes and advanced algorithms.

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January 18, 2021