Edward Alvarez

MIDS Student



My PURPOSE is to educate, inspire, and empower new generations of leaders around the world (young adults: from college students, to professionals starting in their careers), in business, government, and academia, so that they can discover, experience, and express the full power of their potential, and quickly jump-start their contribution to the world starting in their own communities using Data Science and AI. 

My goal as a UC Berkeley I-School student is to build a committed and collaborative educational experience and professional network with my classmates, where we collectively apply our Data Science and AI skills towards bringing innovative dimensions to solutions that accelerate results in community projects with world significance focused on education enhancement, equity and excellence, health improvement & well-being, environmental sustainability, and decision intelligence applied to public policy and economic development.  Additionally, we will be motivated to empower communities and people around the world to become self-sufficient and find opportunities to lead expressing their life purpose while engaging in these projects.


Last updated:

February 29, 2024