David Boyhan

David Boyhan

MIDS Student


I am a lawyer with nearly 30 years experience, primarily focusing on technology issues. Currently my responsibilities include privacy, GDPR compliance, electronic discovery and information governance.


Information Policy


I graduated from Harvard Law School in 1989 and worked at Pillsbury Winthrop (formerly Winthtrop Stimson) for 12 years before joining Clifford Chance and then moving on to Merrill Lynch.

At Merrill Lynch I helped develop the firm's first electronic discovery unit and worked directly with the SEC, FINRA and the courts. I have been at Cerberus Capital Management, L.P., since 2008 where I have had the opportunity to work on books and records compliance, privacy, trans-border data flow, electronic discovery, information governance, cybersecurity and currently GDPR compliance. In 2012 I received a Masters Degree from NYU's ITP program which was one of the first "Design & Technology" programs in the world. 

I am passionate about the interplay between technology and society and my own particular speciality of legal issues. Today, electronic data privacy is a concern to almost everyone. I published a paper in 1986 raising this issue when privacy laws were still a "a thing of threads and patches." Privacy laws may be stronger today but they still have a long way to go both to protect individuals and to recognize the needs of the business world. 

In my experience, lawyers are often either uncomfortable with technology or view it as "something tech support should worry about" and which is otherwise unrelated to the legal profession. 

In my view, this is the equivalent of a doctor who believes drug interactions are something for a pharmacist to worry about.

I enjoy programming as a hobbyist and I read math books for fun. My hope is to move to the next level of understanding the contours of data science to better appreciate both the risks and opportunities it creates.

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October 21, 2018