Ashesh Choudhury

Alumni (MIDS 2020)


Data Science
Product Management
Software Development


Strong interest in using Machine Learning and Data Science to drive business value through innovative and customer-focused products. Currently pursuing my second Masters in Machine learning & Data science from UC Berkeley.

MBA graduate(2014-2016) from the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University with majors in Finance and Business Analytics. I have 7 years of international consulting experience in Financial services domain (Product Management, Product Development, Quality Assurance and Build and Release with leading technology companies).

Cross-functional and marketing analytics leader with 7+ years expertise in large companies and internet start-ups to drive analytics and datamart projects from strategy to execution. Adept at translating business needs into data queries, clearly articulating actionable insights to senior management and bridging the communication gap between business executives and engineers. Results-oriented with customer satisfaction focus in a fast-paced environment. Responsive to changing business needs, prioritizing and multiplexing analytics projects efficiently to maximize business ROI.*

Business marketing analytics * Financial planning and analysis * Product marketing * Executive Dashboards

Last updated:

January 16, 2021