Offering an Internship

Because summer internships make such an important contribution to the I School student experience, we welcome inquiries from employers interested in securing the services of MIMS students between their first and second years of study. The guidelines and frequently asked questions that follow provide an introduction to offering a summer internship. To learn more about recruiting students and/or interviewing on campus, please contact the Career Services staff at

Internship Guidelines

  • Job responsibilities should consist of professional-level work suitable to the skills and knowledge of graduate students.
  • If possible, job activities should center around a project that can be completed within the summer time frame.
  • Negotiations regarding duration, extent of, and compensation for the internship are between the employer and the student.
  • If at all possible, students should report to a designated person responsible for guidance and supervision of the project.
  • Although a formal report to the I School at the end of the internship is not required (except for international students), the I School welcomes feedback from both employers and students regarding the experience.
  • Upon successful completion of the project, students should receive an evaluative report on their work from the supervisor.

Non-Profit Internship Grant

Because many MIMS students are interested in careers in public service, non-profit and governmental employers are especially encouraged to recruit MIMS students for summer internships.

The School of Information offers a non-profit internship grant to MIMS students serving in a summer internship with a non-profit organization or government agency, to supplement their internship salary. A small number of grants in amounts up to $8,000 will be available.

The grant application deadline for students is usually in mid-April, so employers are encouraged to recruit students before that deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the summer break at UC Berkeley?
The Spring semester usually ends by May 20, and the Fall semester begins with the last week of August. A full summer internship could last for approximately 12 weeks. However some employers and some students might want to negotiate for a shorter time frame.

Must the internship be a full-time, summer-long position?
Internship length and time commitment are negotiable between the employer and the student.

Are students willing to work outside the Bay Area? Outside California?
Many students are willing to re-locate for the summer, although some are restricted to the Bay Area by other commitments. Employers and students can negotiate such arrangements individually.

What are the offer deadline guidelines for UC Berkeley?
The UC Berkeley Center Career has established guidelines to provide both students and employers a fair, transparent and up-to-date framework for managing the offer phase of the recruitment process. Their guidelines note that for all offers extended for summer internships or full-time employment, employers should allow a minimum of two weeks from the date of the written offer, but preferably longer, for students to accept or decline any offer. For more information, visit The UC Berkeley Career Center website:

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February 26, 2018