Summer Internship

The I School encourages students enrolled in the MIMS program to participate in a paid summer internship between the first and second years of their program in order to:

  • Put into practice and build upon knowledge gained in the first-year course work;
  • Learn more about work practices in the field of information management and systems; and,
  • Contribute skills and knowledge in a work environment.

General Guidelines

  • Job responsibilities should consist of professional level work suitable to the skills and knowledge of graduate students.
  • If possible, job activities should center around a project that can be completed within the summer time frame (a maximum of 12 weeks).
  • Negotiations regarding duration, extent of, and compensation for the internship are between employer and student.
  • If at all possible, students should report to a designated person responsible for guidance and supervision of the project.
  • Although a formal report to the I School at the end of the internship is not required, the I School welcomes feedback from both employers and students regarding the experience.
  • Upon successful completion of the project, students should receive an evaluative report on their work from the supervisor.

Getting an Internship

Internship arrangements are negotiated between employer and individual student. The I School encourages students to post resumes that describe their skills and availability for summer work.

Non-Profit Internships: Supplementary Funding

Grants in amounts up to $8,000 will be available to a limited number of MIMS students serving in internships with non-profits, government agencies, or non-governmental agencies (NGOs) in the U.S. or abroad, during the summer between their first and second year in the program.

Past grant recipients have held internships at Code for America, the National Parks Conservation Association, National Public Radio, Pivot Learning, Plan Benin, Root Capital, and UC Berkeley.

A selection committee of of faculty and staff determine awards based on funding availability and fit with the mission of the grant program. Application instructions (for current students)

Summer Break at Berkeley

The spring semester usually ends by May 20, and the fall semester begins the last week of August. A full summer internship could last for approximately 12 weeks. However, some employers and students might wish to negotiate a shorter time frame.

Last updated:

February 26, 2018