Executive director Dr. Betsy Cooper and senior fellow Jonathan Reiber join research center.
MIMS students Brian Goodness and Owen Hsiao won first place in this weekend’s Hack2Health “Innovations in Diabetes” Hackathon. Their team designed an app to enhance the restaurant dining experiences of diabetes patients.
Four MIMS students developed a text-based messaging system to connect day laborers with local employers in this weekend’s Meeting of the Minds hackathon.
Chris Jay Hoofnagle
Hoofnagle is a scholar of information privacy law, consumer protection law, and cybersecurity. He will be joining the I School as an adjunct professor in January 2016.
Position will begin July 2016; applications are due December 14.
“We’re going to have much less privacy in the future,” says Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, UC Berkeley’s new university librarian. Privacy and surveillance are caught in an arms race, but surveillance is going to win that arms race.
Is technology affecting our mental health? Can technology support free speech and still protect against harassment? How do we embed our biases in big data algorithms? The Center for Technology, Society & Policy wants to explore these questions and more.
Nine alumnae shared memories of Berkeley in the 1960s and the changes in library practice in the last half-century.
David Bamman
Bamman’s work applies natural language processing and machine learning techniques to empirical questions in the humanities and social sciences.