How might we function in a world where everything we do online can be hacked or stolen, or where powerful algorithms predict human behavior at the most granular scale?
In a new article, I School scholars ponder the implications of considering cybersecurity a public good, like public health.
The award honors their research on the unwritten laws of privacy and the book Privacy on the Ground.
Three MIMS students used behavioral economics, economic strategy, user research, and a deep understanding of player psychology to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for the online game company.
Clifford Lynch
Coalition for Networked Information executive director to discuss stewardship as systematic future research initiative
We followed up with the very first graduating class of the Master of Information and Data Science degree program and were gratified to see the impact of their degree.
Ambassador Baucus visited the school's digital activism seminar.
Ambassador Max Baucus visited with adjunct professor and human-rights activist Xiao Qiang and his seminar on digital activism.
Audrey Leung & teammates swept to victory in the local and regional rounds of the VCIC, testing their skills as venture capitalists.
Ashwin Mathew
Mathew honored for his Ph.D. dissertation, which explored the location of political power in Internet infrastructure.