Oct 10, 2020

Chris Hoofnagle Weighs in on California’s Prop. 24

From Times of San Diego

Privacy Advocates Divided Over California’s Confusing and Complicated Prop. 24

By Laurel Rosenhall, CalMatters

It’s one of the most confounding fights on California’s November ballot: While tech companies lie low, advocates for consumer privacy are fighting among themselves over a measure that would give people new rights to control how companies use their digital data.

On one side are those who say Proposition 24 would make California’s existing privacy law even stronger, setting it up as a national model for consumer protection in the digital age. On the other, fellow privacy advocates say the initiative doubles down on problems in the current law and goes too easy on the businesses it’s supposed to regulate...

“The privacy community can’t even agree on a consumer privacy law,” said Chris Hoofnagle, a supporter of Prop. 24 who directs the University of California’s Berkeley Center for Law and Technology. “So it’s really an unfortunate situation.”


Chris Hoofnagle is an adjunct professor with dual appointments in Information and in the School of Law,

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October 15, 2020