Mar 11, 2019

Top Universities, Including Berkeley, Join to Push ‘Public Interest Technology’

From The New York Times

Top Universities Join to Push ‘Public Interest Technology’

By Natasha Singer

As technology becomes increasingly pervasive in American life, universities across the United States have been devising ways to teach students how to grapple with the consequences on society.

Now, 21 leading universities are banding together to promote their various programs. On Monday, the schools announced that they had formed a new organization called the Public Interest Technology University Network.

Members of the group include Arizona State University, the City University of New York, Harvard University, Howard University, M.I.T., Stanford University, and the University of California, Berkeley. Their goal is to train the next generation of software engineers, policymakers, civic leaders and social justice advocates to develop, regulate and use technology for the public good.

In other words, the group aims to both humanize technologists and technologize humanists...


UC Berkeley is a charter member of the Public Interest Technology University Network. Read more about Berkeley's role in the field

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