Sather Gate
Dec 17, 2019

New California Promise Scholarship for MIMS Students

This semester, the I School is excited to announce a new fellowship for MIMS students, the California Promise Scholarship, which supports students who show potential as leaders in technology and information science in the state of California.

“MIMS students have often been highly engaged with technology and society in California, especially because so many of them undertake internships and careers in the state,” said Catherine Cronquist Browning, Assistant Dean of Academic Programs, Equity, and Inclusion. “We’ve created this new scholarship to recognize and deepen that engagement, and to participate in our public university mission to give back to the state that supports us by encouraging some of our best and brightest students to commit to California and remain part of our innovative and diverse tech workforce beyond graduation.” 

The new scholarship will be awarded for the first time to several incoming students of the entering class of Fall 2020. Awardees will receive $18,000 in tuition and fee remission, equivalent to covering all their Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition costs for the MIMS program. Recipients will also receive priority for academic student employee positions at the I School. Scholarship recipients will be chosen during the MIMS application review process. 

Interested in supporting the I School’s California Promise Scholarship? Contact our Director of Philanthropy, Tia Foss, at

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January 16, 2020