May 9, 2019

Chris Hoofnagle Weighs in on Swatting Attacks in Silicon Valley

From Wall Street Journal

Swatting Attacks Increase Security Concerns Across Silicon Valley

By Robert McMillan and Jeff Horowitz

In an article about increasing security threats against executives at prominent tech companies, the reporter concludes: “The extreme responses to tech companies’ practices reflect in part how deeply their services have become embedded in the lives of users, said Chris Hoofnagle, who teaches internet law at the University of California, Berkeley. In addition, because giants such as Facebook and Google have focused so relentlessly on the promise of their products and less on the risks, such actions as account takedowns are taken all the more personally. ... ‘When the situation sours it’s actually an emotional event’ for the users, he said.”


Chris Jay Hoofnagle is an adjunct full professor at the UC Berkeley School of Information and School of Law.

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May 16, 2019