Jun 18, 2018

Wall Street Journal References Deirdre Mulligan in Debate Over Following Europe’s Privacy Regulations

From The Wall Street Journal

Should the U.S. Follow Europe in Imposing Stricter Data-Privacy Regulations?

Supporters say it’s time to counter tech companies’ widespread collection of personal data. Opponents say generic regulations aren’t the most effective way to do that.

The European Union has taken a huge step in regulating the internet with its General Data Protection Regulation. Should the U.S. follow suit?

The GDPR gives individuals significant new privacy rights and adds more responsibilities for companies...

Generic regulations aren’t just ill-suited to solving that problem; they may be counterproductive. As Berkeley professors Kenneth A. Bamberger and Deirdre K. Mulligan report in their book ‘Privacy on the Ground: Driving Corporate Behavior in the United States and Europe,’ regulation focusing on formalistic methods such as long click-through ‘consent’ mechanisms can diminish attention and resources companies give privacy issues and foster a ‘compliance mentality’...


Deirdre K. Mulligan is an Associate Professor in the School of Information at UC Berkeley, a faculty Director of the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology, and an affiliated faculty of the Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity.

Associate Professor Deirdre Mulligan
Associate Professor Deirdre Mulligan

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