Lazar Stojković (photo by Samudra Bhuyan)
Aug 7, 2015

Serbian Novi Magazin Features Alum Lazar Stojković (MIMS ’14)

This week’s cover article of the Serbian weekly Novi Magazin (“New Magazine”) features an interview with Berkeley I School alumnus Lazar Stojković (MIMS ’14).

A Serbian native, Stojković is currently the chief product designer for a stealth-stage startup in San Francisco as well as a mentor for Belgrade’s ICT Hub, where he is building bridges between his home country and Silicon Valley. Before attending the School of Information, Stojković co-founded and led Wannabe Magazine, Southeast Europe’s most popular fashion & lifestyle website and the people’s choice for the Best Website in Serbia, according to 2012’s PC Press. He was also the co-founder and CEO of Touché Solutions, a hardware startup in Belgrade. Novi Magazin is a major Serbian weekly focused on business and social topics.

In the five-page article, Stojković discusses:

  • New tech trends, including the increasing prominence of Bitcoin;
  • Development of a startup ecosystem in Serbia;
  • Root causes of Southeast Europe’s brain drain and potential solutions to the problem;
  • Why he brought 500 Startups to ICT Hub in Belgrade, where they ended up investing in the local company TruckTrack;
  • What Serbia can learn from the U.S. about commercializing new technologies and creating a better business environment;
  • and more.

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