Feb 17, 2012

MIMS Alum Ashkan Soltani Discusses Apple-Google Privacy Breach on NBC Nightly News

From NBC Nightly News, with Brian Williams

Google tracks Safari users

Tom Costello, NBC

On the internet where the privacy rules are still being written, Google seems to have pushed the boundaries. In essence, it and several advertising companies found a way to trick an Apple software code, then secretly follow the Internet browsing of millions of people who use the Apple Safari browser on iPhones and computers, but thought they were browsing in private....

Ashkan Soltani (Wall Street Journal Technology Consultant): “For six months, by enabling this feature, Google was able to have a near monopoly on tracking iPhones and Apple devices....”

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Ashkan Soltani (MIMS 2009) is an alumnus of the School of Information.

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