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Galen Panger
Galen Panger

Dr. Galen Panger is the winner of the 2018 iSchools Doctoral Dissertation Award. Dr. Panger’s dissertation, “Emotion in Social Media,” was judged the best dissertation from an information school in the iSchools organization in the preceding academic year.

The Award Committee lauded the Panger’s dissertation for its unique approach to the study of social media. “Dr. Panger’s thesis ‘Emotion in Social Media’ is a novel addition to the literature on the evolving state of self-representation in online environments.” 

Dr. Galen Panger is the winner of the 2018 iSchools Doctoral Dissertation Award. Dr. Panger’s dissertation, “Emotion in Social...
Bailey Smith & Anne Wootton receive the Knight News Challenge award in 2012.

On December 4 news broke that Apple bought Pop Up Archive, the Oakland-based startup that began as a MIMS Final Project in 2012. Pop Up Archive was co-founded by MIMS alumnae Bailey Smith and Anne Wootton and makes tools for transcribing, organizing and searching audio files.

“Without the Berkeley I School, Pop Up Archive would not have existed.” Anne Wootton told the I School on December 5, following the acquisition. “Not only did Bailey and I meet there, we spent the master’s program honing skills, building relationships, and prototyping a thesis that laid the foundation for all of our work over the past five years.”

Apple bought Pop Up Archive, the Oakland-based startup, co-founded by MIMS alumnae Bailey Smith and Anne Wootton, that began as a...



School of Information 2018 Winter Commencement

Honor summer and fall I School graduates with keynote speaker, student speaker, and presentation of the Hal R. Varian MIDS Capstone Award.


“Does This Vehicle Belong to You?” Processing the Language of Policing for Improving Police-Community Relations

A linguistic analysis of policy body-camera data from traffic stops reveals race-based differences. How can the findings improve police-community relations?


WiDS Berkeley: The Global Women in Data Science Conference

A one-day technical conference bringing together data scientists and professionals from around the globe to discuss the latest research and applications of data science.

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