Natural Language Processing Poster Presentations

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
3:30 pm to 5:00 pm
202 South Hall

Join us for the final project poster presentations from the course Info 259. Natural Language Processing.

This course introduces students to natural language processing and exposes them to the variety of methods available for reasoning about text in computational systems. NLP is deeply interdisciplinary, drawing on both linguistics and computer science, and helps drive much contemporary work in text analysis (as used in computational social science, the digital humanities, and computational journalism). The class focuses on major algorithms used in NLP for various applications (part-of-speech tagging, parsing, coreference resolution, machine translation) and on the linguistic phenomena those algorithms attempt to model. Students implement algorithms and create linguistically annotated data on which those algorithms depend.

Posters include:

  • A Cross-Media Analysis of News-Event Popularity
  • An Algorithmic Approach to Movie Rating Classification using NLP
  • Are You Listening? Measuring Influences on Rulemaking in the Security and Exchange Commission
  • DeepSeek: Content Based Image Search & Retrieval
  • Hierarchical Opinion Mining for Twitter Data
  • Identifying Relationships in Vector Embeddings
  • Improving Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis by Tagging Implicit Features for Aspect Identification
  • Language Guided Reinforcement Learning
  • Learning to Solve Trigonometric and Kinematics Word Problems
  • Multi-instance Multi-label Information Extraction
  • Natural Language Assisted Robotic Control
  • Neural Style Transfer for Natural Language
  • Predicting Applause through Linguistic Style and Vocal Emphasis
  • Predicting SCOTUS Voting Behavior Using Opinions Data
  • Predicting US Supreme Court certiorari decisions: A Natural Language Processing Approach
  • "Rainier Cherries with Mineral Notes"; How good does it taste? Predicting Critic Scores of Wine from Reviews
  • Reproducing Fake News Detection Models on New Datasets
  • Web Page Summarization
  • Wikipedia Vandalism Detection Using Rich Feature Representation

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