Biosensing Project Presentations

Monday, December 7, 2015
3:30 pm to 5:00 pm
202 South Hall

The spread of low-cost biosensors integrated with wearable computing devices promises a new torrent of consumer bio-data to collect, analyze, and exploit.

The course Info 290. Sensors, Humans, Data, Apps takes a hands-on approach to exploring the possibilities and limitations of consumer-grade bio-sensing technologies for brainwave, heart rate, body movement, and other physiological and contextual data.

Student projects come from a variety of application domains, such as affective computing, bio-feedback, context-aware security, e-commerce, neuro-marketing, privacy by design, quantified self, sentiment analysis, and user interface technologies.

Join us for the final presentation of students’s projects.


  • Interaction between Eye-tracking and EMG Gesture Control

  • Physiological and EEG Correlates of Chills

  • Emotional pattern recognition from electrocardiogram signals

  • Meta-Analysis of Activity Classification Algorithms

  • Dance Dance

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December 3, 2015