Data Science W231

Behind the Data: Humans and Values

3 units

Course Description

Intro to the legal, policy, and ethical implications of data, including privacy, surveillance, security, classification, discrimination, decisional-autonomy, and duties to warn or act. Examines legal, policy, and ethical issues throughout the full data-science life cycle collection, storage, processing, analysis, and use with case studies from criminal justice, national security, health, marketing, politics, education, employment, athletics, and development. Includes legal and policy constraints and considerations for specific domains and data-types, collection methods, and institutions; technical, legal, and market approaches to mitigating and managing concerns; and the strengths and benefits of competing and complementary approaches.

Skill Sets

Ethical and legal frameworks / Policy analysis / Oral and written presentation

Course Designer

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Deirdre K. Mulligan
Deirdre Mulligan
Associate Professor
303B South Hall


MIDS & MPA students only.

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September 19, 2019