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MIMS Resume Book Submission

For MIMS students and alumni

I School Career Services is compiling a resume book of MIMS talent to share with employers. Submitting your resume for the resume book is optional, but encouraged.

This book will be used to give job- or internship-seeking students and alumni additional exposure to employers, and to help highlight the MIMS program and build relationships with relevant companies. 


  • Resumes must be in PDF format.

  • Resumes may be 1 or 2 pages. Longer resumes must be reduced to 2 pages. If you need help shortening a longer resume, please request a review before submitting.

  • If you have a two-page resume, make sure your name (and additional contact information, if desired) is on the second page as well as the first page.

  • Please select either one or two job categories for your resume.


  • Update your resume to include MIMS in your “Education” section.

  • Resume reviews are highly recommended before uploading your final version for the book. Submit draft resume for review here; please allow one week of lead time.


Resumes may be submitted on an ongoing basis. We do large distributions of resume books to employers several times per year. You are welcome to submit an updated resume any time for inclusion in the next resume book.

Last updated:

May 28, 2020