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MIDS Resume Book Submission

For MIDS students and alumni

I School Career Services maintains a resume book of MIDS talent to share with employers. Submitting your resume for the resume book is optional, but encouraged.

This book will be used to give job- or internship-seeking students and alumni additional exposure to employers, and to help highlight the MIDS program and build relationships with relevant companies.


  • Resumes must be in PDF format.

  • Resumes may be 1 or 2 pages. Longer resumes must be reduced to 2 pages. If you need help shortening a longer resume, please request a review before submitting.

  • If you have a two-page resume, make sure your name (and additional contact information, if desired) is on the second page as well as the first page.


  • Update your resume to include MIDS in your “Education” section.

  • Resume reviews are highly recommended before uploading your final version for the book. Submit draft resume for review here; please allow one week of lead time.

Deadline & Expiration

Resumes may be submitted on an ongoing basis, and will expire 6 months after date of submission. You are welcome to submit your resume again any time after expiration.

Last updated:

February 3, 2020