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Request a Jobscan Account

Jobscan is a resume software tool that analyzes your resume for how it would perform in an ATS. Submit this form to request a premium account with Jobscan.

With your premium Jobscan account, you will upload your resume and a job description to receive a report with information such as: match rate of your resume against the job description, a prediction of how your resume would be parsed in the ATS, and a side-by-side keyword comparison of your resume and the job description, ordered by frequency. Jobscan also has the ability to review cover letters and your LinkedIn profile.

About the match rate / score you will see displayed by Jobscan

This score displays the predicted match of your resume against a job description and it is very difficult/impossible to get high scores.

  • If you receive a score under 40%, we strongly recommend that you consider revising your resume.
  • If you receive a score above 60%, your resume is looking pretty good! You could make some revisions, but you could also go ahead and apply.

Don’t forget! Jobscan is simply a useful source of information and you can pay attention to the findings and at the same time realize that it is not perfect. We suggest that you use Jobscan to see how your resume is performing, but you do not have to use it every time you apply for a job.

Last updated:

July 22, 2022