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313 South Hall
(510) 643-2754
Adjunct Professor
Focus: Information-intensive systems and services, semantic standards, information policy, business innovation and entrepreneurship
305B South Hall
(510) 642-8726
Focus: Creating great companies, collaboration, corporate transformation, leadership
203B South Hall
(510) 643-3755
Professor (I School and Dept. of Political Science)
Focus: International politics, international business, and the information economy; Cybersecurity; Behavioral economics within Information Systems

Recent Research News

Thinkers50 is a global ranking of management thinkers published every two years.
School of Information professor Morten Hansen and best-selling author Jim Collins released a new book this week asking, “Why do some companies thrive in uncertainty, even chaos, and others do not?” Drawing on nine years of research, rigorous analysis, and engaging stories, Collins and Hansen enumerate the principles for building a truly great enterprise in unpredictable times.