I School Staff

104 South Hall
(510) 664-4915
Director of Career Services
102 South Hall
(510) 643-3780
Associate Director of Student Affairs
Program development, curriculum planning, and academic advising
103B South Hall
(510) 642-2235
Assistant Dean and Chief Administrative Officer
Oversight of operations, finance, HR, academic personnel, and student affairs
102 South Hall
(510) 642-1466
Financial Analyst
Contracts & grants, reimbursements, gift & endowment processing
110A South Hall
(510) 642-3026
Facilities Coordinator
Building & facilities, purchasing
(510) 664-7643
Instructional Planning Coordinator
Course approval and scheduling, student advising, enrollment planning
102 South Hall
(510) 642-9257
Associate Director of External Relations
Donor & alumni relations
102 South Hall
(510) 664-7645
Admissions & Student Affairs Assistant
112 South Hall
(510) 664-4438
Associate Dean for Business Development and Strategic Planning
Career Advisor
Career advising, webinars, and career resource development for the MIDS program
102 South Hall
(510) 642-9980
Academic Personnel Analyst and Dean's Assistant
Faculty & academic personnel, scheduling for the dean
110A South Hall
(510) 642-3091
Senior Director of Information Technology
110A South Hall
(510) 642-5119
I School website & social networking
102 South Hall
(510) 643-4757
Business Services Coordinator
HR, benefits, payroll, visiting scholar coordination, honoraria
Office Assistant
102 South Hall
(510) 642-1807
Admissions and Financial Assistance Coordinator
102 South Hall
(510) 664-7543
Events Coordinator
110A South Hall
(510) 642-0695
System Administrator
Computer system administration; desktop, account, email, and printer support
102 South Hall
(510) 642-5450
Financial Analyst
Budgeting, financial planning, and analysis
111 South Hall
(510) 643-4206
Senior Director of External Relations
112 South Hall
(510) 642-1465
Academic Director, Data Science Program
MIDS faculty and curriculum development and oversight
102 South Hall
(510) 642-1464
Office Coordinator
Front desk, office supplies orders, keys & cardkeys, room reservations, office assistant supervision
Office Assistant
102 South Hall
(510) 642-9242
Director of Admissions
104 South Hall
(510) 664-7092
Director of Student Affairs

Research Staff

203A South Hall
(510) 664-7506
Executive Director, Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity
Homeland security; Cyber and information security; Long-term strategic planning; Privacy and civil liberties; Law and public policy
Special Assistant, Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity
203A South Hall
Senior Fellow, Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity
Cyber resilience | national contingency planning | US-India relations and Asia-Pacific security | risk management

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Emergency Building Repair or Maintenance

UC Berkeley Physical Plant – Campus Services
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