Alumni Profiles

MIMS 2013
Interaction Designer, Google
“The UC Berkeley I School is one of the most desirable programs for information design, engineering, management, research, entrepreneurship, and business consulting.”
Ph.D. 2003
Professor of Information Technology and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University

MIMS 2011
U.S. Coast Guard
“My master’s final project was about using social media in large organizations. I think information science will continue focusing on the sociological aspects of information.”

MIMS 2012
Technical Program Manager, Google
“In 10 years, I expect information services and applications for the masses to be delivered in a much more personalized way. We can already see some of these applications today, but in the future they will be truly interconnected.”
MIMS 2012
User Experience Designer, Location Labs
“I came to the I School to gain a deeper understanding of the technology I had been working on, and to learn social research skills to pursue a career in UX research.”

Ph.D. 2008
Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research
Founder of Data & Society Research Institute
Visiting Professor, New York University

MIMS 2011
User Experience Architect, Eventbrite
“The faculty bring rich experiences in both industry and academia. The students are amazing for their diversity of experiences. Amazing people come to the I School, and that’s hard to find in other places.”
MIMS 2010
User Experience Researcher, Adobe
MIMS 2012
DreamWorks Animation
“I’m interested in creating new ways to display and interact with information, exploring whether certain visual representations are better than others for learning and memory.”
MIMS 2011
Business Strategy Manager, Hewlett-Packard
“My I School education empowered me to look at problems from a holistic perspective; great solutions start with the user in mind and consider the users’ motivations and behaviors.”

MIMS 2013
Senior Software Engineer,
“I chose the I School for its multidisciplinary approach, which forces me to consider issues related to society, law, and information organization — issues I would not have thought of with a computer science or information retrieval background.”

MIMS 2001
Staff Technical Program Manager, Twitter
“The I School is great preparation for start-ups: High value is placed on adaptability, and project work took place in small groups, across disciplines. The I School encourages collaboration and creative thinking in the interest of finding creative solutions.”

MIMS 2013
Integration Specialist, RichRelevance
“The I School attracts people from all sorts of backgrounds, and brings us together in a collaborative environment. We create our best work on interdisciplinary teams. It's a great community to be a part of.”

MIMS 2011
Senior Manager, Global Supply Chain Strategy, Gap Inc.
“My generation has seen technology transform society faster than ever. The I School equipped me with the tools and mindset to deal with all this information.”
MIMS 2013
Interaction Designer, Google
“There’s no other school like it. The I School is truly a unique place that allows students to explore their passions — people come here to do amazing things.”
MIMS 2012
Program Manager, Microsoft
“I’m interested in trends and innovations that affect the way we collaborate. The enterprise 2.0 revolution is just beginning.”
MIMS 2013
Product Manager, Workday
“The I School has a multi-disciplinary curriculum, and you have the freedom to tailor it to your interests.”
MIMS 2008
Director of Information Technology, Kaiser Permanente
“The I School gave me a broad understanding of the issues around information and how to define solutions to complex challenges. I manage the whole health information exchange portfolio, so understanding how IP law pertains to medical information is critical.”