Information and Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD)


Research on ICTD at the School of Information follows several distinct trajectories:

  1. First, to understand current processes of technology diffusion and adoption in developing regions.
  2. Second, to act through the design and deployment of information systems in close collaboration with the communities they are meant to support.
  3. Finally, to reshape the dialogue about the role of technology in the global economic and political processes that affect developing regions.

Affiliated Faculty

312 South Hall
(510) 642-7584
Assistant Professor
Focus: technology appropriation in non-Western societies, technology and socio-economic development, qualitative research methods
303A South Hall
(510) 642-7253
Focus: Computer networks, Internet economics
303B South Hall
(510) 642-4583
Assistant Professor
Focus: HCI, ICTD, information systems supporting microfinance, smallholder agriculture and public health
102 South Hall
(510) 642-9980
Dean of the I School and Professor (I School and Dept. of City and Regional Planning)
Focus: Information technology, organization, and economic development